Headshots, Andreas Ihlebæk, NAXOS 2021 -



«Gorgeous and modern piano pieces. An extension of Erik Satie, Claude Debussy and Jan Johansson» 

Dagens Næringsliv

«Ihlebæk effectively reimagines the composer-pianist … achieving a rich expressiveness underneath the veil of subtlety and self-restraint... I foresee this having the potential to resonate with many audiences, both classical and non-classical alike» 

Classical Music Daily 

«Music from the innermost depth of the soul ... a beautiful sound world where it feels good to be»


"At this, Ihlebæk is a master, and so the silent power in these compositions can unfold» 


«Lyrical music full of kindness that sneaks into the listeners heart»

Jazz Tokyo 

«Ihlebæk holds a remarkable standard on his new album … proving that northerners master a unique lyrical form» 

Concerto Magazine

«Moving, intimate and romantic ... Ihlebæk makes it easy for the listener to lose him/her-self in the music and find calm» 

Ö1 Radio 

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«Neoclassical excellence»

- Deutschlandfunk Kultur -


«There are many elements flowing together in the sound of the Norwegian Andreas Ihlebæk: Folk music and soul, but also neoclassical with weight on choral arrangements, even church music. All in all, The Guest is a wunderverk» - STERN​ - 

Skjermbilde 2021-02-25 kl. 09.43.36.png

«It feels so good to hear a musician like Andreas Ihlebæk who breaks new ground. With this, he has succeeded in creating a masterpiece» 

- BILD -