Headshots, Andreas Ihlebæk, NAXOS 2021 -


Waltz 21

Starting with Waltz 21, NXN/Naxos will release four new piano pieces through the spring of 2021. Ihlebæk's 3rd piano suite is titled Let Me Be Good, and will complete the forthcoming album (TBA), set to be released in May. 

Skjermbilde 2021-02-25 kl. 09.43.36.png

«There are many elements flowing together in the sound of the Norwegian Andreas Ihlebæk: Folk music and soul, but also neoclassical with weight on choral arrangements, even church music. All in all, The Guest is a wunderverk» - STERN​ - 


«Neoclassical excellence»

- Deutschlandfunk Kultur


«It feels so good to hear a musician like Andreas Ihlebæk who breaks new ground. With this, he has succeeded in creating a masterpiece» 

- BILD - 

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