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4 tracks on 9 official playlists by Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal

Photo: Marius Troy

My piano single Come Summer has currently been featured on three official Apple playlists, three Tidal playlists, and one Spotify playlist. The track is soon to pass 400.000 streams.

In addition, the classical music editors at Apple Music have now featured two different tracks from my new piano album Northern Lullabies on their playlists for modern classical. Apple Music has put my piano version of Vi Har Ei Tulle Med Øyne Blå on their playlist Meditation Moments, where you also will hear music by Arvo Pärt – a personal favorite – and two other Norwegians, Jan Garbarek and Ketil Bjørnstad. My latest piano single has also been listed by both Apple Music and Tidal on three lists. I thereby currently have four tracks listed on 9 major playlists.

For their Melancholy Piano playlist, Apple has chosen to feature my Byssan Lull from Northern Lullabies.

You can also hear the whole Northern Lullabies album on Apple Music or Spotify, and read the story of why I made it here.

As anyone in music knows, these streaming playlists are currently the most important medium – not in the least, for artists dabling in sound realms outside pop format radio. With the global competition to get featured on one list like this of only 50 tracks – especially internationally in the hugely popular classical piano segment – I'm glad to see my compositions chosen by Apple Music editors for all five of these playlists:

You can listen to Piano Chill here, which also includes names such as two of my current personal favorite pianists, Vikingur Ólafsson and Joep Beving:

...and on Classical Chill, which also features recordings by Keith Jarrett and Chad Lawson, and an amazing selection of music from many of my favorite composers.

By the way, did you read in Rolling Stone that music streaming in general had a big drop after corona, but classical music went up? It's an interesting time to be making music.

The "Classical Edge" list is a selection of modern classical from "the frontier of composition", in a genre that "continues to be pushed, stretched, augmented and redefined", as Apple's editors put it. I'm glad to also be featured here, and to see modern classical experiencing such enormous growth and interest. To me this represents some of the best aspects of the streaming world: Suddenly listeners of all ages are discovering, re-discovering or growing their interest in both classical and modern classical, as new artists, compositions and recordings are pouring out – and easily available.

Come Summer is now also spreading in the Spanish speaking world, with listeners in Spain, all across South America and the US, thanks to Spotify's Piano de Fondo playlist. You can hear the piece – and if you like – follow my Spotify for numerous upcoming releases here.

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