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I've lived a large portion of my life in California and Germany, and spent long periods in Spain and around Asia. Travel has been an important key to better understanding the world – if you dare to venture outside the realms of mass tourism and all-you-can-eat-buffets, that is.


As of now, March 2020, it's hard to guess what the future of travel holds. We have a chance now that we must use wisely. I can't say I'm confident we will, seeing who's in charge around the world, but for the sake of argument, let's be naively optimistic that things evolve to a new and better normal. We know that we must travel smarter, greener, slower. That means traveling less, and paying more for it. More focus on quality experiences. That could lead us to also appreciating our travels more.

Like when we go to places such as Stedsans in the Woods (picture left, from a recent episode I directed).

So now, while we currently can't physically venture to Italy and Austria,  let's travel digitally. Let's dream and think about where and how we want to travel in the future.

So I've collected episodes from the Børsbyene TV series which I made with director Marius Troy for Dagens Næringsliv and Matkanalen. It's an attempt to better understand the culture in Europe's major financial centers from the perspective of a curious, food- and drink loving Norwegian. Come along to Milano, Vienna, Hamburg and Madrid. All my conversations/interviews are in English and German.

(Norwegian intros and subtitles)

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